What are the benefits of a Whole House Fan?

Efficiency and Savings

The addition of a WHF delivers energy efficient natural cooling, providing home comfort and peace of mind. We recommend them for all regions in the Bay Area, wherever there are warm days and cool nights. The WHFs we install are engineered to either complement your A/C system or eliminate the need to use costly manufactured air. Alone they can provide a more efficient, natural cooling solution.
Installing a WHF allows our clients to recapture their investment quicker than any other green product on the market with the ability to cut A/C costs by up to 90% and reduce A/C wear & tear.

Health/Air Quality

Installing a WHF can help you improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) creating a cleaner and healthier environment. Ventilation helps limit the build-up of indoor moisture, which can contribute to mold growth & reduce source contamination. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are the new and often little-understood chemicals in manufactured goods and building materials that release or off-gas harmful chemicals. With WHF’s you can also exhaust your home of smelly cooking or pet odors.

Creating a well-ventilated home with a WHF not only removes harmful pollutants but as stated by the American Lung Association (ALS) “Effective ventilation may also help keep Bacteria, Viruses and other pollutants out of the indoor air. The more stagnant the air is, the more likely diseases are to spread.” This will allow you to enjoy a healthier, fresher, odor free environment.

Environmental Sustainability

Bay Area WHF Inc.’s environmental initiatives are taking root at all levels from simple efforts to reduce energy use on a daily basis to aggressively seeking out products with sustainable manufacturing and business practices. We choose products that are locally manufactured here in the USA to reduce our carbon footprint.