Bay Area WHF Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded, insured Whole House Fan Installation company. We have affiliations with accredited manufacturers that provide products engineered and tested to the highest industry standards. We continually and aggressively seek out products with sustainable manufacturing and business practices. Bay Area WHF Inc.’s environmental commitment begins with simple efforts of choosing energy efficient products and continues with reducing our carbon footprint by only installing green products that are manufactured locally right here on the west coast in the USA.Using the least possible energy for a given purpose is more than just being green; it’s also just plain sensible. Nobody likes to waste money, that is for sure; but spending money on electricity to run an A/C unit most definitely wastes money and energy. Wasting money is one thing but wasting energy makes unnecessary contributions to global climate disruption because much of the electricity in the U.S. is generated by Coal. Looking at the U.S. Department of Energy figures, the average kW generated creates about 1.36 pounds of C02 emissions. Utilizing energy efficient or “green” products is one very effective way to combat the increase of C02 emissions.

All of our installs include ordering of the fan and full inspection of the fan unit first. We always test the unit in our shop before we install it. Our installs are very professional with full protection of your home & floors by using industrial drop cloths. As our Technicians navigate in hot, tight attic spaces with tools and the fan they are also very careful with each balanced step they take to ensure they do not damage your ceilings. Our experienced Technicians will also connect the fan unit to a secure electrical source that is tested before tapping into it so that you will never have to worry about overloading your circuits. Every install requires skilled execution of various trades such as electrical, mechanical, drywall & minimal framing. All of this is provided with our installs along with thorough orientation on how to use your new WHF.

Although we are not permitted to post our fan costs & installation rates online due to our Installer Contract Agreements, we would be happy to go over all information with you in person or over the phone.